The Neat Kit is on a mission to make your life easier, on set and beyond, in a new way.


The Neat kit is evolving. I’m developing a few services and helpful bits for film and TV crew, not just hair and make-up artists.




Think of me as your little tech helper.

I can help with

  • website creation. I use WordPress, as it’s reliable, has lots of room for customisation and easy for you to update after.
  • WordPress maintenance
  • WordPress coaching, walking through things you want to do on your site
  • DNS change
  • social media account creation and starter lessons
  • learning how to use your Mac and help you set-it up better.

and more to come…

A bit of history.

The Neat Kit started with a little shop of make-up supplies, from a make-up artist for make-up artists.

As much as I loved creating palettes, it was getting more and more difficult to take care of your orders properly and in a timely manner while working freelance.

I hope you’ll enjoy what’s in the pipeline for the Neat Kit and how I’ll make your life easier as a freelancer, working in TV, film and fashion.

You can check my make-up artist portfolio here